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The web is one big networking event and social media is your ticket in. We believe that brands can be social, meaning they can interact with individuals, form relationships through conversation and inspire action, emotional connections and be truly friendly. They can also produce content that is so engaging that people want to share it, talk about it and respond to it. We believe that all businesses have a unique story, interesting people, shareable knowledge and that people WANT to know what goes on behind the scenes. We just need to present your stories and messages in a way that it can be found and enjoyed online.


ReSoMe is made up of 4 Specialized Teams


Research & Content

This team spends a lot of time working with data; they monitor brand mentions, sentiment tied to brands, social metrics like follows, shares and clicks as well as trending topics and online activity within target market demographics. They collect and analyze all of the data to help design strategies and campaigns that will reach target audiences and also create reports to track the success of campaigns and movement of trends.

This team also uses that data to help curate content for feeds that we know will be relevant to each client’s audience. They ensure each month that there are an ideal number of pre-approved, prepared, targeted and tweaked messages scheduled to roll out during peak times for maxim impact.


This team monitors the live conversation feeds for our outsourced clients. They take on the brand voice and interact with the audience to help increase visibility, provide accessibility and build relationships. They monitor and interact with existing communities (people already following or chatting with the brand), target communities (the target audience that has not yet connected with the brand), industry related conversations around key words and influential industry representatives as well as key media contacts. Their main goals are to 1) respond to mentions 2) generate conversations and increase awareness of their brand with target audiences and 3) influence actions to help reach campaign goals.

Design (Graphic and web)

This team provides the visual and functional elements for each campaign, they create visual content optimized for sharing on the targeted social channels, brand all social channels with the correct look and feel, create conversion points with Facebook tabs, web forms, landing pages and micro sites and provide the tools to move the conversation from social media to the next stage. Newsletters, email templates, website design, blog images, blog design all help add substance to your social message and help move your audience into your sales funnel or conversion point.


This team makes sure your voice and message are clear and consistent. They review and write web copy, craft social profiles, bios, ghost write blogs, manage blog comments, write interviews, articles and press releases all with a social voice and an eye for search engine optimization (SEO). We always integrate a key word strategy in all online campaigns and our writers help make sure that your optimized content is easily found in searches but also reads well to the audience.

If an organization does not have the resources available internally to execute a social media marketing strategy, even the best plan can fail. That’s why ReSoMe was created: to support organizations that want to be engaged in social media but don’t have the internal resources available or desire to engage internally. With the ReSoMe teams and our refined community building process we can step in, create a brand personality profile, establish how social media can help reach your business goals and execute the plan, backing every move up with data and metrics.



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