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Content Strategy: Consistency and Patterns

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Consistency and patterns

People are creatures of habit; they’re drawn to consistency and patterns. As such, a large portion of what I do as an engagement specialist is identifying patterns in order to better connect with the target demographic for our clients. Observing everything from posting times, maximum exposure windows, speech patterns and common phrasing- it’s all directed at understanding the habits of those we’re trying to reach out to and make fans out of.

But in turn, our potential fans also need to be able to identify patterns with our clients in order to fully connect with the brand. This can be as simple as having an overarching theme to the content you’re putting out. As social media specialists our content going out should include cutting edge news and tips for social media. But If you’re an art store maybe you highlight various local artists and their work so that people connect local talent in art with your brand.

Simple, right? Let’s take it a little further.

What if we take that concept of highlighting local artists and we create a weekly feature out of it. “Local Artist of the Week” has a much better ring to it than “Artists We Like” and it gives a reliable impression of what to expect and when to expect new content. We can even take this further and anchor this event to a specific day of the week. One of our clients publishes a weekly feature where we post a picture of a landmark in Ontario and ask our audience to tell us where it is- we call it “Where in Ontario Wednesdays”. These posts have been very successful in engaging our audience. We see spikes in both likes and comments. Side note: the more obscure the landmark the more responses we would get!

The more specific you can get with this the better. If you can consistently publish content on Wednesdays at Noon EST then make it known to your fanbase that they should expect that content out every Wednesday @ Noon EST (“Make sure you check back next Wednesday at noon for more great tips”). If the content doesn’t come out, apologize and push the feature off until the next week rather than pushing it out immediately. But do make sure you’re acknowledging the break in scheduling.

Social Media Content Post Ideas

Some more simple examples of this consistent posting are:

User Submission of the Week

Fan/Member of the Week

Product of the Week

Picture of the Week (bonus points for creating trivia out of this)

Caption Contest

Puzzle of the Week

Giveaway of the Week

(As a caveat, it’s important that you don’t underestimate your audience. If you’re doing some sort of trivia or puzzle post it’s better to err on the side of too difficult than too simple. Difficult posts encourage interaction whereas simple ones get ignored.)

In short – your fans need to know what to expect from your page as much as you need to know who your fans are. If your content is unpredictable then you risk breaking the connection with your target demographic. Weekly branded posts are a great way to build that consistency while supercharging your engagement levels.

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