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Social media has changed crisis communications on every level and marketers need to take note.

ReSoMe Mistakes Were Made Social Media Mistakes by Amy Boughner

Reputation management is key when is comes to taking on social media.

When brands make bad decisions the damage can expand exponentially with one well-written post by a well-read blogger. It seems as though every week another brand is learning the hard lesson about what the new social world means for mistakes.


Reputation management is key when is comes to taking on social media.

Brands also have to be conscious that people are not just responding to what you’re doing on social, people are posting about you – customer service, products, prices, speed – It’s all fair game.

The most recent example of a bad product going viral comes from The Children’s Place, a clothing store for kids from baby to tween. Recently a mother was shopping for back to school clothes for her kids and happened upon a t-shirt at The Children’s Place which she promptly photographed and posted about.  More posts followed and soon the shirt – and mothers’ complaints about the message (that girls can’t do math) followed on all social media channels, including the store’s own Facebook page. The Children’s Place apologized and removed the shirt from shelves, but will have to wait and see if they acted quickly enough for consumers.

Parents protecting their little girls are a most vocal group when it comes to social media. Of course mothers are a huge percentage of social media users. If you’re in the business of attracting their attention and selling to them it’s important to take note of these types of situations and tread softly.

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