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Pinning: Letting your customers build your brand

Pinterest is a relatively new social media site that brands are just starting to use. On Pinterest users create boards where they ‘pin’ images of products they like or ideas they want to access in the future. It’s used a lot by teachers, designers, and lately by companies holding contests.

Pinterest can be searched by hashtag just like Twitter, so companies can designate a tag and attach a contest to that or they can create a group board and ask their audience to share things there.

Pinning: Letting your customers build your brand

The ReSoMe Pinterest Account

Last Christmas Chapters Indigo held a contest asking customers to create a wish list board, pinning products from the store’s gift guide and offering gift cards to a lucky few participants. They did a similar thing with their Pin Your Perfect Summer contest in 2012.

Kraft Canada did a campaign asking specific bloggers to review four new salad dressings and to share a Pinterest board where they were collecting recipes made with the dressings.

The Sobeys grocery chain holds what they call a Pin-a-thon, again working with select bloggers who promote the contest and asking their audience to re-pin items from Sobeys’ own boards.

If you encourage your customer to share from your website on Pinterest you can expand your audience exponentially, and all it takes is making sure you have pin-able photos to go along with your products, blog posts or whatever else you’re trying to promote.

Creating content specifically for Pinterest or encouraging customers to pin specific things is also a good way to manage your brand.

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