Community Management Service Packages

Outsource your Community Management to our specialized teams at a level that best suits your business.
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Perfect for start ups, small business & professionals.

Live Monitoring & Engagement Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM EST
Twitter 30 Posts, Minimum 20 proactive engagements
Facebook 15 Posts, Minimum 10 proactive engagements
Google+ 15 Posts, Minimum 10 proactive engagements
LinkedIn 10 Posts
Reporting Monthly analytics report, half hour strategy session, daily email support
Set up: $1,900 Custom branding, follower seeding, profile copy, claim name on all major platforms, back fill content, more



Community Boosters

Extended Monitoring & Engagement Coverage

Add live monitoring for additional time zones, after hours or overflow monitoring. We can add extra hours of coverage to existing Community Management packages or extended hours monitoring can be purchased separately to assist your in-house social media team.

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 11.54.33 AMAll Extended Monitoring Packages will be provided quotes based on the amount of hours included, mention volume, response time and level of support.

Blogger Outreach & Brand Ambassadors

Compile and maintain a database with a starting minimum of 100 relevant bloggers, review style websites and key forum contributors. We establish relationships with bloggers and reviewers on your behalf, providing them updated information when products and services are available to review, provide sample copy and media when needed to help develop great content, manage their communications, track all interactions and review and provide feedback on posted works. We have minimum site metrics we define and enforce for each blogger set we work with and capture all data for repurposing in other channels – newsletters, social networks, referrals, etc. We help design a Brand Ambassador offering, if required for your business and ensure your brand is getting external coverage (with link backs and social endorsement) from key people in the relevant space. You need to be able to provide sample products, free access to services or swag or giveaway items relevant to your industry for this to be an effective campaign.

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 11.54.33 AMWith Community Management Service Package: Set Up: $200 / Monthly: $450
A la Carte: Set Up: $500 / Monthly: $600

Social Event Facilitation

Twitter Chats or Parties, Google+ Hangouts, Reddit or Quora AMAs, etc.

To Set up the event we would first research and select a hashtag and name, select a schedule, write up an announcement invite to post on website, blog or newsletter, invite minimum 25 relevant and influential participants and push a social event “countdown” promotion leading up to the event. Then for each event we would plan the content, invite participants, promote the event leading up to start time, facilitate the event for up to 90 minutes (60 minutes of chat, 15 minutes pre, 15 minutes post), and finally write a wrap up post to be published on your website, blog or newsletter.

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 11.54.33 AMWith Community Management Service Package: Set Up: $450 / Per Event: $350
A la Carte: Set Up: $550 / Per Event: $425