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Statistics, 28 Days Later: Twitter Analytics Introduces Weekly and Monthly Views

Twitter Analytics Update 28 Days, Week, Month

“Your Tweets earned 275.4K impressions over the last 28 days.”

Twitter Analytics’ limit to the immediate 28 day period was the reason we had not used Twitter’s official metrics for impressions and engagement in reports for our clients. It was not practical to include these metrics in monthly reports, largely because of the inability to set the start and end dates. The perpetually shifting 28-Day period meant we had to record results just before midnight on the 28th day if we wanted accurate numbers. The alternative would be to lose either the first day in the period, or have an incomplete current day measurement. That said, the tools provided were useful to our engagement team, but they did not fit well with our monthly reports.

All that has changed with the latest update to Twitter Analytics. Twitter Analytics’ new feature is a date range dialog that allows users to select a custom date range, or pick pre-set monthly and weekly ranges. (If you really need the old 28 day setting, this is still the default.) The ability to set a date range brings Twitter’s free analytics tools up to par with offerings from other social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Twitter Analytics also includes Twitter’s metrics for engagement. These metrics include impressions (the number of people who see each tweet), engagement rate (the percentage of people who interact with tweets divided by the audience reached), link clicks, retweets, favourites, and replies. These engagement metrics now follow the date range set at the top of the page, making them extremely useful in reports.

(We have previously recommended Twitter Analytics as a cheap and effective tool for evaluating the effectiveness of a social media strategy.)

See our preview of Twitter Analytics in the gallery below.

ReSoMe Twitter Impressions Weekly, Monthly, 28 days

Twitter Analytics’ Impressions in standard 28 Day, Monthly, and Weekly views.

Twitter Analytics Weekly Monthly Engagement Metrics.png

Twitter Analytics engagement metrics can now be set to weeks and months on record.

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